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“Duplo”多樣化,from print to documents的產品能協助用戶輕鬆地完成這些工序。

本公司重視與客戶保持長遠關係。我們的母公司,日本Duplo Corporation每年都大量投資在市場調研及產品開發工作上,務求推陳出新,不斷提供與時並進的“Duplo”新產品給客戶。


Chris Lee

General Manager


Disseminating information through printed material remains popular even in this digital age.As the most common form of printed material, books are widely used to serve the purpose of information dissemination.


The process of making a book, however, is a complex one, involving various steps such as printing, collating, stapling, perfect binding, paper-cutting etc. With the wide variety of “from print to documents” products by Duplo, customers can complete the printing and book-making process easily and effortlessly.


Duplo HK greatly values sustainable customer relationships. Our parent company, Duplo Corp. invests heavily in market research and product development to ensure that our products are the market leaders. M any of our customers in Hong Kong, Greater China and Macau have been with us for over 20 years, and they have been using two to three generations of our products.


Thank you for visiting our website. We at Duplo HK are committed to providing the most extraordinary products and experience to our customers, both existing and potential. We are deeply grateful to our existing customers for their trust, and continued support. We also look forward to serving our potential customers with our range of top quality products.

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