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Dupo DSF-2200/DBM-350/DSS-350 Booklet maker system.

Duplo DP-X Series Durprinter


Dupo DF-1300 Suction Feed Paper Folder

First choice for school Note/Exam paper stapling

Duplo DFC Collator + DBM 150 + DBM-150T 製書系統

Dupo DF-850/870 Paper Folder 

Suitable for small batch of booklet making

Duplo DSF 2200+DBM 150 Small digital paper feeding booklet system

Digital After print Document Cutter

Duplo DBMS Booklet System

Duplo DC-646 Slitter-Cutter-Creaser

Duplo DBM-600 Booklet System

Duplo DDC-810 Spot UV

Duplo DSF-6000 Sheet Feeder System

Duplo DC-618 Slitter-Cutter-Creaser

DSC 1060iL Suction Feed Collator 

Duplo DDC-810  Raised Spot UV Coater 

Duplo Esper DM 230V  Direct Mail Collator

Duplo DF- 999 , DF-990  Paper Folder

Duplo DC 446  Creaser

Duplo DFC-SII + DFC 122 Collator + Booklet maker

Duplo DFC 122 Friction Feed Collator

2021 Duplo DBMS Booklet System 

Duplo DSM-1000 B2 Die Cut machine 模切機 啤機

🚧under construction🚧

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Duplo HK YouTube Channel


Through many years of specialized technological development, Duplo products are not only high performance and very efficient but are unique as they are created in response to our customer's needs.

At Duplo, our team of specialists can provide you with the right product and system for your specific needs as well as a comprehensive repair and maintenance service to give you peace of mind.

Through years of professional technology development, Duplo products are not only high-performance and efficient, but also unique because they are created to meet the needs of customers.

At Duplo, our expert team can provide you with products and systems that suit your specific needs, as well as comprehensive repair and maintenance services, so you can rest assured


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